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    I'm Markus, nice to meet you.

    Welcome to my notebook! Here, I share my experiences on the more or less useful things I'm working on.


    Cover Image for Drizzle migrations on Cloudflare D1

    Drizzle migrations on Cloudflare D1

    How to automatically apply drizzle migrations to Cloudlflare D1 using CI when merging a pull request.

    Cover Image for Browser compability with core-js and eslint

    Browser compability with core-js and eslint

    How to support older browsers using core-js and test using eslint.

    Cover Image for Monorepos with pnpm and changesets

    Monorepos with pnpm and changesets

    How to setup a monorepo with workspaces and changesets. Add on Github actions to automatically publish to npm!

    Cover Image for Saas cookbook

    Saas cookbook

    What are the minimum pieces needed to setup a Saas service? And how to do it without spending a dime.

    Cover Image for Outstatic and FlexSearch indexing

    Outstatic and FlexSearch indexing

    How to index content for FlexSearch in Outstatic and Nextjs

    Cover Image for Outstatic Sitemap

    Outstatic Sitemap

    A snippet that shows how to add a sitemap to Nextjs in general in Outstatic specifically

    Cover Image for Outstatic and Remark/Rehype

    Outstatic and Remark/Rehype

    A quick note on how to add markdown table support and code highlighting to outstatic

    Cover Image for OAuth 2.0 Overview

    OAuth 2.0 Overview

    A summary of the Oauth2 Endpoints and Parameters based on the RFC6749.

    Cover Image for REST API guidelines

    REST API guidelines

    Explore how different API guidelines handle common REST API challenges such as filtering, pagination, and sparse responses. This blog post compares the approaches of JSON , JSONAPI.net, GitHub REST API, Google API Design Guidelines, React-Admin Simple REST Data Provider, and Auth0 API. Understand the unique methods each guideline uses for filtering, and discover which approach might best suit your API design needs.

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    open sourcesoftwareOutstatic

    Outstatic CMS

    Discover Outstatic, a powerful and easy-to-use static site generator with a built-in CMS.